Murals for Flint

The Murals for Flint Project uses instruction in visual arts as a means to 
provide at rist youth with a culturally defined mission to fin the pride in 
their heritage; then give them a means to demonstrate that pride in
mural projects that will also beautify the City of Flint and exhibit the 
diversity of talent in its youth.
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Murals For Mali

Frances had the honor to travel to Bamako, Mali- W. Africa to begin the ground work of The Murals for Mali Project. MFM is a social art initiative that will foster the needs of at risk youth by providing community murals, tap, art and vocational workshops. Founded by Frances Bradley and friend, Salimata Jaffe.
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Womanhood or Woman's-Hurt?

Womanhood or Woman's-Hurt? is a 12 piece autobiographical art series that illustrates Frances Bradley's experience as a victim of sexual violence but it is every victim's story. The purpose of Womanhood or Woman's-Hurt? is to create conversations about sexual violence and to promote healing.
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